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You’re going to Canada?! Awesome! I hope the weather holds out while you’re here. We just had a bit of snow and I hope it’s our last

yeahh Canada, bo-yahhh! >8D 
owwww it’s still that cold there? bwaa! it was just getting warmer here in Finland XD fingers crossed for a warmer week there haha! (specially no snow plz X’D)

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Welcome to Canadia!, XD Have fun while you’re here!

hahaa, thank yoooouuuuu 8D I’m sure it’ll be most awesome~ Canada never lets me down with its most fab Canada!awesomeness UvU~~

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ooh, have fun in Canada and good luck getting rid of that block!

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CANADA WOHA. Have fun Woofer! 83 draw every canadian pug you see!

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känädä! have fun in there and good to hear from you~ : )

Haaaa! Thank you so much, you guyssss~~!!  8D (bwa, missed this blog and specially every awesome person, like you guys, around here OvO~~ )
yeahh, I shall try leave the block to there and return with more inspiration haha XD (and yes, puggiepic QuQ~~)



yeah…I thought I could just throw a little update here….just to let everyone know that whoaa I’m still aliiivee~ X’D

also letting everyone know that nope, I haven’t forgotten this blog~ I’ve just been thru some seeerious artblock for moths 8’D and I got nothing to post here bwa! BUT I TRY TO FIX THAT!

Yeah…so in few days I’m actually off to Caaanada to meet my bran new 3 week old nephew 8’D (yeah, I actually forgot to spazz about it to anywhere haha)~ but yesh, I try to inhale some inspirational winds while I’m there, draw something while I’m vacationing and try to get stuff posted to here also.

I have to admit I’ve been a little more active to my other blog, but buuuutttt I do want to be active here too QuQ~ 

thank you everyone for sticking around and hope I can make this blog live again soonnnnnn~ /o/~

~wiggleroll~ turned 3 today!


(I got this as a Mail, postini this since it was an option..excitiing..x’D)
But yeah, Haha feels like a long and short time at the same time to have had this blog… xD

Everyone’s favourite Kaiju!groupie~ (yeah, just a silly sticker-print I did some time ago~)


Now it’s available! Finally got my stuff in order and more books printed, so yeahhhh~ 

Here’s the book’s info (sorry, once again):
-14 pages
-full colour
-PG-13- & DeanCas-things among just general fluffness and fun stuffs
-contains small comics, pictures and sketches
-for some preview, here’s my tag for the book

Here’s the order form for the Batcave Breakfast Book 

I also added some charms to the list as I still have a small stash of them from the last con~ There’s only a few of some, so first come, first serve~ But I will be ordering more soon and will let everyone know~ (more Castiels and deancas’ for example X’D The picture up there shows what I still have~) The charms are made of thick acrylic plastic~

I hope the form is understandable enough and if there’s anything you’d like to know more, just send me a message here or e-mail me~ (the address is at the form-page~)

Thank you!~~ <3

The yukicon artist alley (and con, for us) is over for now~ whuaa so sleeepy X’D

mut mut KIITOS KIIITOS kaikille jotka meidän pöydässä kävivät ja kiitos suurin ja kaunein niille, jotka löysivät ostettavaakin meidän pöydästä, you guys rooockkk~ <3 <3
Hyvät conin jatkot niille, ketkä huomenna paikalle kierivät~ 8D/ Meidän osalta kiitämme ja kumarramme~
…..until the next con~

Anonymous said: !!! tuut yukiin? hienoa hienoa hienoa!! (。◕‿◕。)

kyllä kyl~!! sinne olis tarkotus tulla lauantaina kierimään pöydän taakse jälleen 8D/ (taidepöydät on ykspäiväsiä, joten ollaan siellä vaan lauantagi~)  mut YEAHH siellä nähdään >U<~

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Terve kaikki Yukiconiin tulijat!!!~

Eli huomenna, lauantaina, teretulemast meidän pöydälle kierimään~ 8D/ Valikoimasta löytyy printtejä, kortteja, charmeja sekä muuta kivaa~ 

Nähdään conissa!!~

WHOO! eli huomenna nähdään, kaikki coni-kierijät! \o/
(jännää, eka coni jossa en cossaa X’D eli ihan siviileissa voi tällä kertaa moikata haha)~

PS. HEI JA KATSOKAATTEN: meijä taidekuja-possella on oma blogi teamewk.tumblr.com~ sinne tulee sitte infoja ja kaikkee kivaa~
ALSO IN ENGLISH: our art-team has it’s own blog now~ we’ll inform stuff there about arts for sale and other things too! welcome to roll with us 8D/

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Ähyyy you draw so well Woofy! ; w ; And damn has your style been pretty decently coherent through all those years. Hope you’ll draw more amazing stuff next year also! >83 ~~

thank youuuu muchly for your wordsss~ QuQ~ been trying to keep my own twist to things and really am happy it shows~ ;u;~ and yeahhhh, I have so many plans for next years art >8D bwuahhahaa!


No. No way. I was such a huge fan of yours back in ‘03! You were one of the very first artists that I ever followed online! I completely lost track of so many people when things went a little south with a lot of stuff and I am just…I’m just super happy that I found you again! I always regretted not finding everyone again, or having a way to do so anymore, but even after all this time and all of your amazing improvements and the breathtaking progress you’ve made, I still utterly love your work and style. Thank you for remaining consistantly awesome.

alskhfklhdfls ohman so long time ago! and ghaaa wow, you have no idea how much I appreciate your words ;u;~ wow!
(and aww yah, I have a few artist who I followed back then too, but always manage to lose gallery urls, names and all. X’D bwaa~!)
ghaa THANK YOU so much and it makes me so flustered to read all this huaaa Q#U#Q ~<3