To celebrate Loki’s 3year b-day (saturday 19.7.), here’s something to play~ I made 2048-version with his face~


yeah, I’m going to reblog this version of the game I made to celebrate da kitty in the house UvU~~<3



TEAM EWK tulee Traconin taidekujalle~

eli 13.-14.9.2014 Tampere-talolla~ 
lisäinfoa tulee myöhemmin~ \o/

Harkitsetko meneväs Traconiin?



Sillä nyt on viimeset hetket hankkia lippu sinne. Traconin lipuilla on viimeisimpien tietojen mukaan loppuunmyyntivaara, eli liput on myymässä ennätystahtia loppuun ja ovelta ei sitten enää myydä lippuja.

(Mullakin on jo ranneke ja laitoin taidekujahakemusta menemään, että toivon mukaan olen Traconissa sitten taidekujalla myös.)

Signal boosting! Älkää unhoittako! Minäkin oon siellä!

Yeaa~ just showing that yes, I do plan to update stuff here also~ hahhaaa~ 8D


Castiel and the Tale of Thousand Deans~


sooo, I made this same post to my other blog, but I just wanted to make it here also~

so the con-season is slowly getting closer (for me atleast) and really keeping thumbs up that we get artist alley table to con/s again (with mah posse)~

and what I was asking was, if there was something special that people would like to see from me in the sell-booth?~ I have some plans myself already, but just if there’s something that comes to mind that would be wanted or just anything (be it some certain object/thing you’d like or a print or something. I will mostly sell SPN stuff, since yeah, that’s me, but something else? or just something specific SPN? just share with meeee~~)

Yah and like I told there also, I will try to get stuff for sale online also~ I do have some stuff around, but trying to get more 83

woopwoop~ I appreaciate every comment and everything ;U;~~<3

thank yooouuuuu~~


I wish I knew why I was listening to ‘Primadonna’ by Marina and the Diamonds on repeat while drawing this~


vote for the queen Abaddon~~~~

birdz555 replied to your post: HI GUYS! yeah…I thought I could just…

You’re going to Canada?! Awesome! I hope the weather holds out while you’re here. We just had a bit of snow and I hope it’s our last

yeahh Canada, bo-yahhh! >8D 
owwww it’s still that cold there? bwaa! it was just getting warmer here in Finland XD fingers crossed for a warmer week there haha! (specially no snow plz X’D)

hallaway replied to your post: HI GUYS! yeah…I thought I could just…

Welcome to Canadia!, XD Have fun while you’re here!

hahaa, thank yoooouuuuu 8D I’m sure it’ll be most awesome~ Canada never lets me down with its most fab Canada!awesomeness UvU~~

ered-jaeger replied to your post “HI GUYS! yeah…I thought I could just throw a little update here….just…”

ooh, have fun in Canada and good luck getting rid of that block!

moontailor replied to your post “HI GUYS! yeah…I thought I could just throw a little update here….just…”

CANADA WOHA. Have fun Woofer! 83 draw every canadian pug you see!

anniilaugh replied to your post “HI GUYS! yeah…I thought I could just throw a little update here….just…”

känädä! have fun in there and good to hear from you~ : )

Haaaa! Thank you so much, you guyssss~~!!  8D (bwa, missed this blog and specially every awesome person, like you guys, around here OvO~~ )
yeahh, I shall try leave the block to there and return with more inspiration haha XD (and yes, puggiepic QuQ~~)